Friday, July 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

The teacher was telling the kids about words with "nch" in them. The twenty-five 8 and 9 year olds put up their hands and called out lots of examples. Pinch. Crunch. Bench. Inch...

The next challenge she set them was to expand these words, Pinching, Crunched etc.

The next challenge, put them into a sentence to show that they understood the meaning. If they were unsure of the meaning she helped them look up the class dictionary.

One little boy's sentence made her stop. She read it and re-read it again. She asked the boy about it and then read it out loud to the rest of the class. She decided to write it at the top of the whiteboard as the " Quote of the day"

When the boy's Mum was helping in school one day she saw her sons name on the board and commented on it to the teacher. That's when she found out that it wasn't just the "Quote of the day"  It turns out the class didn't want to wipe it off the next day so it became "Quote of the week"  then " Quote of the month"  then  "Quote of the term"  and now as we start the third term of the year it has become a bit of a joke and looks like being the "Quote of the year"

And yes, that Mum was very proud of her boy!

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  1. Does it ever happen to you to feel sad and depressed, in need of some words of wisdom that will help you to go on? This is exactly what your little story did for me.
    Today I will keep in mind that I am 'inching along' and getting out of a painful situaution.
    Thank you.