Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Queen of Tarts

There is a lovely new cafe and bakery in our local town. Many days I have walked passed it in a hurry and just caught a glimpse of the inside as I rushed by. Now that it is the kids school holidays we are looking for things to do that help to pass the day without breaking the bank. I told the kids that one day we would get dressed up "Posh" and go to Queen of Tarts for morning tea. Today was the day!

Us girls primped and preened and I even squeezed into a skirt and high heels. Gareth reluctantly slicked a bit of gel in his hair but protested at a proper shirt and instead pulled on his Mr Dude T-shirt. You have to choose your battles as a mum, I let this one slide!

We spent ages browsing through all of the delicious looking treats.

Gareth went for "Mint to be"

Sian had a "Caramel Cheesecake"

Rhiannon had "Passion-fruit Cheesecake"

...and I had "Macadamia Caramel tart" They were all amazing, beautifully plated up and my cappuccino came with a tiny shortbread heart on the spoon. The whole bill for 4 cakes and my coffee was $20 which I thought was very reasonable, especially as we spent quite a while choosing, eating and then just sitting back chatting.

We recognised the man behind the counter as a dad from our kids school. It is so lovely to see small local business's working hard and doing well. It is so easy to just call in to the big generic Starbucks or Gloria Jeans for a caffeine refuel but it feels good to support the smaller family owned business's in our local area. I'm sure we will be back!

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  1. I've been there twice now, the first time i had the Baileys Cheesecake and then the second time i had the banana cake. Its a lovely place isn't it. Its my new local place to meet friends for coffee. You may see me next time :)

  2. I enjoy visiting local businesses too, they have character and the service is much more friendly in most cases then the big chain stores. Those cakes look pretty delicious right now. mmm

  3. Wow, those desserts look almost as beautiful as your children! Looks like a fun day!

  4. I would have gone for the Macadamia Caramel tart as well, sounds terrific with a cappuccino or even a 'caffé doppio'.
    I agree with supporting small local business, especially grocery stores: we never know when they will be handy!

  5. Those kids look rather happy with their cakes, love the glint in Gareth's eye that says "mine - all mine!"

  6. What a nice morning out! I went there on my birthday with my mum and the girls. We braved the chill and had some gelato - delicious!

  7. All of them look fantastic! What a charming little place!