Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let the Moustaches rule!

If you read the comments on the last post about Gareth's Birthday you may wonder what Monica was on about?

Yes there are photos of the moustaches but I felt they deserved their very own post!

As a small version of a birthday party in a crazy busy week during a crazy busy time of the year I came up with a cunning plan. Let Gareth invite a small group of boys to catch the school bus home with him at 3.15pm. Endure the chaos and noise for 2 1/2 hours. Then parcel the sugar rush-hyper-noisy-excited boys into the car and drive to the schools Christmas disco and deliver them safely into the care of their families once more.

Please note I was planning that most of this time would be spent outside in the garden and swimming pool. Quick and simple, not a single parent actually stepping foot in my messy-floors-need-cleaning-don't-mention-the-bathrooms house!

What could possible go wrong? The weather! Who would have guessed that it would POUR rain all week and be cold. It's nearly Australian summer Mr Weather man. So the 2 1/2 hours were spent tearing the house apart and racing around trying not to knock over the two visiting cousins (who had a ball being surrounded by so many other rough and tumble boys!)

The fun began with the school bus pulling up and the driver letting the boys off. Our poor neighbour chose a bad time to walk over and drop off some Christmas lolly bags to the kids. He nearly got flattened by the stampede!

The finale before getting in the car to the disco was the party bags. Brown paper lunch sacks filled with jelly snakes, glo-bands and chocolate and a set of fake moustaches at Gareth's request.

The fun and laughter as they stuck their fake muzzies was hilarious.
We went to the disco and it was with great relief that we saw each mum and handed back her hairy bundle of joy!

Another year over.

Another successful party.

Another happy child!

Another exhausted mum!!!

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  1. Yeah - love the moustache photo and loved that the boys ran up the hill to the school hall for the Christmas disco after Gareth's party all wearing their moustaches - fabulous - they all looked like they had enjoyed themselves lots.

  2. Hilarious, and what a great idea to give children fake moustache!
    With age, I am growing one myself...