Monday, December 26, 2011

Feeling a trifle tense dear?

Every year we make a Christmas trifle. We use a beautiful Waterford crystal bowl that my brother Joe bought us for our wedding present. This year I managed to find a packet of an instant butterscotch pudding powder in a food shop that specialises in European imports. I was so excited as this was one of the layers that went into my childhood Christmas trifle. Byron was a little less thrilled as it had never been a layer in his childhood trifle and both us us wanted to have one that most closely matched our memories. 

I made it so I won! Italian sponge finger biscuits on the base, raspberry jelly to soak into the sponge and then set, fruit pieces, BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE, custard and finally whipped cream and sprinkles! Yum!

How do you make your trifle?

And how do you settle disputes if you have different traditions?!

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  1. From my childhood I remember the following recipe:


    Layer the following in a bowl
    - Sponge cake cut into pieces
    - Tin of fruit
    - Jelly
    - Custard
    - Cream
    - Slivered almonds

    A Joke:
    Did you hear about the man who had custard in one ear and jelly in the other?
    He was a trifle deaf!!!!

  2. Sounds just like my childhood trifle although my hubby has an issue with tasting jelly so insists on packing as much cake as humanly possible into the jelly space!! If you've any desperate desires for 'home food'- I'd gladly send you send something over ( I do it for a Brit in Canada!). Thanks for your comments too!