Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eat, Fast and Live Longer: Week 8

I have decided not to do a week by week update any-more as there was not a lot to say that haven't been said in previous updates.

This week however is an exception as I reached a goal. This weekend I weighed in and I have lost a grand total of 5kgs!

I started out at a BMI of 24 which was at the higher end of the healthy range. Anything over 25 is considered obese. I wanted to get somewhere into the middle of healthy range and I have achieved it as my BMI is now 21.7

Here are some interesting Statistics:     

                                                          Week 1        Week 8
                                          Weight:     62.2kgs        57.2kgs        
                                              BMI:       24                21.7
                               % of Body fat:     33.3%          24.5%
                        % of Body Muscle:     32.6%          37.5%

I am surprised at how easy it has been to get to this point. Yes, some weeks have been harder than others but it hasn't been like 8 solid weeks of dieting. There have been birthdays, girls nights out, coffee with friends and the odd glass of wine while vegging on the sofa. I've found a balance that I think I can maintain with my two strict days of reduced calorie intake and some exercise thrown in.

This weekend brings with it family birthday celebrations, cake and laughter, wine and chocolates. I'm so happy to be able to join in knowing that I can balance the excess with discipline kicking in again on Monday and Tuesday.

At this point I have to change my goals. It is no longer about seeing a particular number on the weighing scales. It is more about maintaining and improving fitness. A change in routine including a move towards pilates for toning  rather than just peddling on the exercise bike to burn calories. I really am surprised at how much has been achieved in just two months. I still have 5 months until I turn 40 so there is no more big pressure to reach a goal. Hopefully I will use that time to make these lifestyle changes a concrete part of my ongoing future.

For anyone in Australia reading this, the program that kick started my motivation was the BBC documentary Eat, Fast, Live longer that was aired in August 2012 in the UK. I read an article in the news about intermittent fasting and that SBS will be broadcasting the documentary on April 22nd here in Australia. Worth a watch if the topic intrigues you...

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  1. Congratulations, that's fantastic news. You are so right to change tack now you have lost some weight as it's totally not all about seeing that magic number on the scales. Health and fitness is much more important. I would love to have a go at this diet but I am diabetic so it just wouldn't work for me. I really could do with doing a bit more exercise and losing a few pounds would not go amiss. Must get my yoga dvd out later on this week! xx

  2. Good on you Gina, that's fantastic!

  3. Well done, Gina! That came off fast. I'm so inspired I'm going to give this a focused try.

    John's been doing this same plan only he fasts every other day keeping his calories to 600 on fast days. He's lost almost 10 kilos since late August. He wasn't heavy to begin with, but he was bothered by his tummy and the hazards of belly fat.

  4. Hi Gina,

    You have inspired me to try this and I am on the first fast day. What kind of diet do you follow on the other five days? Is there a maximum number of calories that you stick too?
    Well done and Thanks!


  5. Hi Rachel.
    Congrats on taking the plunge and starting this exciting new way of eating. The theory of the 5:2 diet is that you eat your idea of "normal" for the remaining 5 days. According to the documentary (which can be watched online) it shouldn't matter what exact food you eat. People on high fat v's low fat diets seem to get the same benefits in lowered cholesterol etc. I know that I have a sweet tooth and indulge it on the 5 days but I stick religiously to the 500 calories on my two fast days. If you want to email me directly I can share some good recipe ideas for the 300 calorie dinners (my email address is in my profile info)

  6. Hi Gina
    I am starting week 2. Week 1, the first Monday was pretty easy but then Wednesday I was famished all day.
    When I weighted myself this morning I had GAINED 2 lbs. I think the 'eating normally' the other days was where I erred. I ate more than I normally do, as I am constantly on a diet.
    Tomorrow is Monday and a fast day but I have a scheduled dinner with old friends, so I thought I could start my 'day' with the evening meal. I had a big salad, with1 tsp of oil, vinegar and 1 1/2 oz of reduced fat Feta cheese. 200 cal. For breakfast I'll have 1/2 C of oatmeal and 1 hard boiled egg white. Lunch 1/2 C oatmeal and 1 whole hard boiled egg. Then for dinner I will be at a restaurant with friends having wine. I hope it works out - I hope the fast days get easier this week. Your words are very encouraging.

    When you are fasting 2 days in a row, do you think that is easier than having a non-fast day in between?

  7. Hi Kathy
    Well done for starting. I must admit there are some days I find easy to fast and some I really struggle on. I'm still trying to work out whether it has anything to do with whether I keep myself distracted or not. I feel for you with seeing an increase on the scales. That's not what you deserve so early in. As I have neared my target weight I have had small up and down fluctuations. I can only suggest that your body is finding a new balance. I hope that future weigh ins show a weight loss. As for whether to have two consecutive fast days or to split them? We did our first 8 weeks as consecutive Monday/Tuesdays. More recently we have split them to Monday/Wednesday. I think the consecutive days get you fat burning by the end of day one and all the way through day two. However I think it is a bit tougher on the willpower as when you split your days you are only ever one day away from normal eating again. I think it's a personal choice but having done both I would recommend the split days as slightly easier.
    Good luck and feel free to keep in touch on the blog or via email (my email address is in my profile info)

  8. Hi Gina
    My partner and I watched the documentary last week and today is our first day fasting. I am fit and slim but my partner needs to lose at least 8 kilos so I am going to give him moral support. I was doing some research and yours was the first really useful information that I came across. Your blogs will be really helpful to us as we go on this exciting journey!
    Marlena and Kelvin

  9. Thanks Marlena for your lovely comment. I'm so glad you are giving it a go. Even though I've been at my goal weight for about 10weeks I am happily still doing the 5:2 diet for the health benefits. I've not lost any more weight than was healthy. My body seems to have found its own equilibrium. I hope you find the same and that your partner achieves his goal weight too. Both my husband and I had lost 8kgs by week ten so maybe by August/September you might find he is celebrating a new trimmer frame while also getting the bonus of the health benefits too. I wish you good luck and feel free to keep in touch. My email address is in my profile section.

  10. Many thanks to everyone, interesting to see, how others are doing. I love my food, diet for me is boring. I am in my 3rd week. Mon, Wed, Fri - fasting. I eat a lot and manage to loose 1.5 kg. I am an owner of cafe with hands on everything. Cooking, baking, we produce everyhing, even we bake our own bread. Love cooking. This is so far easiest eating plan I ever been on. Thought of good breakie next morning makes it easy.I want to loose about 8kg. After 2 month will have blood tests. Keep you inform. Good health to everyone.

  11. Hi there. I see these posts are a little old now however I wanted to say that 5:2 has come on at a fair pace and so many people are doing it....even diabetics :-) Michael Mosley has written about diabetics doing it so try to read the whole 5:2 range by him if you can.
    Regards Sue