Saturday, March 23, 2013

Edible Homework!

Sometimes the kids need a helping hand with home-work. If it's maths go ask Dad. Biology ask mum. Food Tech... DEFINITELY ask mum!

One of the recent homework help requests I had was when one of the girls had to find a product in the supermarket with "New" on is label and then do a presentation to their class trying to promote the product to their classmates. They were allowed to hand around small tasters as part of their presentation.

The chosen product was a Woopie Pie packet mix. I loved hovering around in the background as my kitchen was taken over and I offered help licking spoons, a total role reversal from normality! When the whoopie pies were cooked and cooled the filling was piped on top and then a second pie sandwiched it all together.

I was very lucky that the mix stretched to two more pies than were needed for the class and teacher. Because I was such a good mum and I helped with the tidying up I was given one as a treat with a cuppa. Bliss!
What's the next Food Tech presentation? I love this kind of homework, bring it on!

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  1. Now that's my kind of homework. They look super tasty.