Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day 2013!

This St Patrick's Day we had the pleasure of sharing our celebrations with two new additions to our family, Nanako and Izumi from Japan!

We woke them on their first morning of their Australian home-stay to green pancakes and diddly-dieddly music coming from the kitchen. We gave them green T-shirts and toasted their temporary new nationality. 
After blowing up some tri-colour balloons we decorated the car with bunting from our parcel from Dublin and away we went to the Hunter Valley and Harrigan's pub for lunch. 
We met up with friends and there was many a "Slainte" as pints of Guinness were raised. 
Then a group photo...

 ...before some unknown person took my camera and proceeded to take "selfies" with it!
As always, a great day and lots of memories. A good celebration is nothing without great friends to share it with. And on this St Patrick's day there sure was friendship and craic go leoir!

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