Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Sian!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous Sian. 

I cannot believe you are 15 years old already. I feel old! 

I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations. I'm sure if I had asked the waiter in Max Brenner chocolate shop if I was allowed to light candles in their double choc fudge brownie sundae I would have been told "No" That's probably why I didn't ask and just did it really quick and we all sang "Happy Birthday" as quick and softly as we could so you could blow them out before we were kicked out! It was only after the smoke had cleared I noticed the sprinklers in the ceiling, directly above my head! Now that would have been a birthday to remember!!! 

Enjoy this year my beautiful girl. These years just seem to be slipping away faster than I can catch them. There are many, many exciting firsts to come as you make your way through these last few years of High School. Enjoy them. Don't rush and wish them away. They will come in their own sweet time (just like your amazing birthday sundae!) Before you know you will be looking back at the photos and the memories and wondering when you had changed from a little child into your own wonderful person. 

I look at this photo and I think I know the answer. It's right before my eyes. 

I love you my beautiful first born. 

You'll always be very special to me. 

Love Mum xo

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  1. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet girl. Hang on tight to these precious times mum...they do go by so very fast!

  2. Gina, you're bringing tears to my eyes as I read this. I still remember one of the first times we 'met' your family when Miss E was a tiny thing and ran to you in church. Siân, Rhiannon and Gareth still seemed so little - now as the years are passing, they are all growing up into beautiful young people. Happy birthday Siân, you make your parents and friends so proud at the lovely young lady you're becoming.

  3. Happy birthday Sian. Your words so beautiful Gina, how did they grow so fast the time has flown by. I hope your day was a very special one.

  4. Hi Gina,

    Yes, this is a beautifully written post and I can really relate to the years going by quickly. Happy Birthday Sian :)