Sunday, August 18, 2013

40 things you may not already know about me...

As today marks my 40th Birthday I thought I would make a list of 40 things that make me, well,  me!

1: I love the colour red
2: I watch forensic shows on tv as I iron
3: I have no self control around chocolate
4: I graduated as a nurse 20 years ago
5: I was born in Dublin
6: Byron was my first boyfriend with a job and short hair
7: My parents nearly wept with gratitude when I introduced him to them
8: I made my own guitar from scratch in the Guitar workshop of Strato Anagnostis
9: I cannot play the guitar
10: Although I plan to learn someday when I have spare time (!)
11: I love making my own cards for friends birthdays
12: I rarely manage to post them in time
13: My hair has been various shades of red since I was 15
14: I have been proposed to more times than I care to share
15: Every time but one it was by little old men in the hospital
16: I have bungee jumped once over land
17: And once over water
18: I will never bungee jump again
19: I was painfully shy growing up
20: I have painstakingly built my own Harley Davidson Low Rider from scratch
21: It was a small plastic kit but that didn't stop me using it as a chat up line when I was 19
22: I loved Heavy Metal music as a teenager
23: Some of the best concerts I have been to were Nirvana, Guns'N'Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers
24: I think it's really lucky Byron rescued  met me when I was 20
25: I have had my hair cut short since I was 13
26: I once wondered if I'd look sexy and alluring if I had flowing locks of blond hair
27: I borrowed my sisters fancy long hairpiece and positioned it on my hairline on my forehead
28: I looked more like a nerdy librarian
29: I never follow a recipe exactly but I honestly didn't realise it until my sister-in-law pointed it out 3yrs ago
30: I have had a first edition of a novel dedicated to me
31: I often start things, make a terrible mess and walk away without cleaning up
32: Inside my wedding band is engraved "Cariad O Hyd" Welsh for "Love Always"
33: I learned a lifelong love of finding out how to fix things from my Dad
34: My name is engraved on the Welcome Wall in Sydney harbour next to Byrons
35: I am a Leo
36: I cannot really Irish Dance but all my non-Irish friends think I am related to Michael Flatley
37: My maiden name is Sheeran and my kids delight in the knowledge that Ed Sheeran is my second cousin.
38: I met Byron when I was 20 so today he can say he's known me for half my life!
39: When I was eight my Granny offered me £100 if I would become a nun (I seriously considered it)
40: I love life and plan on squeezing in a lot more living over the coming decade!

For those who know me well in real life, have I surprised you at all?
For anyone with a question left unanswered feel free to ask in the comments section....

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  1. Loved reading that your hubby was your first boyfriend with a job and short hair :)

    "I have had a first edition of a novel dedicated to me" What novel is this? :)

    Enjoyed learning more about you!

    Take Care and Happy Birthday, my friend <3

  2. Very interesting facts! I loved no. 34. I didn't even know there was a welcome wall. Have to find out about it. Have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Fascinating Gina... I have learned so much from your past 40 years!! I know these things to be true... I also love the color RED, I have also had red hair and I love you cousin!! Have you tried the Guitar Buddy to learn to play? Saw it on the tv show The Shark! It works! I wish you another fabulous 40 years... and many, many, more!

  4. Is Ed sheeran actually your second cousin?!?!?

  5. Loved your list Gina.
    I laughed at 14 and 15, am seriously impressed with 30 and think that 32 is just truly lovely.
    You'll have a ball in your 40's I'm sure as your love for life is clear.