Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr B!

It was Byron's birthday today. Being mid-week it was a busy day with me off to work at 7 and Byron dropping all three kids to their schools before going on to work himself. Knowing that we decided to celebrate his birthday on Sunday evening with a walk along Merewether beach and a pizza at Merewether surfhouse.

It was a magical evening. Not as cold as recent winter days. The sky was clear and the sun set as we sat looking out from the long cafe window. I asked Rhiannon to take a nice photo of Byron and myself using my camera. She did but Gareth and Sian decided to get in on the action by photo bombing Every.Single.One.

A mother sitting eating with her husband and kids was watching and came over and offered to take a family photo for us. It was lovely to get all 5 of us into one photo, and in such a beautiful setting with the light so soft and golden.

I love this photo! For a brief moment I get to think my little family is so perfect and then I remember the out-takes that are still on my camera and I laugh as I snap out of my day-dream and get back to the crazy normality that is our life!

Happy Birthday Mr B. You bring colour to our lives, and humour, lots of humour. I'm pretty sure that's where the kids have got their personalities from. Don't ever change!

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  1. Beautiful photo of a beautiful family. Happy birthday Mr B :-)

  2. Love the photo! Happy Birthday Mr. B~ you are a lucky, lucky man!