Monday, August 19, 2013

The cake to beat all cakes!

Every Birthday needs a birthday cake. Usually on my birthday Byron buys one on his way home from work but this year was different. On Saturday night Sian told me she wanted to make the cake herself. She is pretty competent in the kitchen and once we had established she had all the ingredients she asked me to leave her get on with it. 

By 9pm she was almost done but things sounded a little fraught with requests for help being called out to Byron and Rhiannon. Finally I heard the door to the garage being opened and closed and I was given strict instructions to not go near the fridge in the garage. 

At the end of a wonderful birthday yesterday I had almost forgotten about the cake. I really was taken by surprise when they started to sing Happy Birthday to me and walked from the garage holding a tall white cake. 

This video fills in the rest of the story! 
I really was amazed that my wonderful teenager managed to pull off such a wonderful creation. Something I had seen on many web-sites in the past but never quite felt brave enough to tackle! Thank you so much Sian for your hours of hard work you put into this cake. And thanks to Byron and Rhiannon for stepping in at those crucial final moments and helping to literally smooth things over!
You have all made my 40th a birthday to remember!

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  1. Amazing! Beautiful!

    Well done, Siân!

  2. Glorious! What a clever girl and fantastic way to end your day. Sounds like it was fabulous :)

  3. Awesome job Sian!!!!

  4. I didn't have a chance yet to wish you a very happy birthday, so bonne anniversaire!!! What a wonderful cake, I've wanted to try a variation for a long time, this gives me courage!

  5. How great is that? I love hearing your voices! Getting to know you all! I have been saying Sian name wrong in my mind all along~ now I've got it! She could be a baker! What a great video! I can feel the love! Sian looks so very proud in her picture!

  6. That is an amazing cake. Great job Sian. And I too loved hearing your voices. Love the accents.

  7. Happy belated 40th birthday to you, Gina!!!!!! Welcome to the fantastic 40's!!! I'm a little more than half way thru and it's been a wonderful decade thus far!!! The cake is fantastic and your daughter is beautiful!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    ~ Wendy