Sunday, November 20, 2005

Narrabeen Beach

Sunday was beach time again. Charles and Sue kindly suggested that we meet half way between our two houses at a beach recommended by them. Sounded good in principle, except that half way meant a 2.5 hour drive for us and a 1 hour drive for them. Do the sums...

Except for the journey and the lousy weather we had a great time...honestly! Narrabeen is one of Sydney's Northern Beaches and has a surf side and a calm lagoon which is perfect for the kids.

All the kids had a go on a mini body-board, pretending it was a surfboard and they did just brilliantly. Charles also brought a dinghy which kept the sproggs busy for ages...

We had a huge picnic feast on the beach, and instead of having a mid-afternoon snooze the kids had second wind and demanded the boat and body-board was pulled through the lagoon. After seeing Charles demonstrate how hard it is in the sea, Sian showed him how it was done properly, and try as I might I couldn't manage to get her to fall off the board. That's my girl.

Not to be undone, Rhiannon and Gareth wanted to show their boarding skills too:

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