Saturday, November 19, 2005

Redhead Beach

Saturday morning and we decide to go to Redhead beach. Apparently this is the most perfect beach to bring kids to; calm gentle seas, no strong waves. We typed Redhead in the SatNav and started driving. It was a wonderful beach, it was sunny and the kids had their bucket and spades. Only slight problem - we ended up on the end of the beach reserved for DOG exercise! There were dogs running everywhere, left, right and centre, but we still had a fantastic day. We'll definitely go back to this beach again but make sure we go to the family end of it!

After the beach we headed on home to get ready for our first official invite to a BBQ with some families from the kids school. We were told to bring the meat to feed ourselves and the kids and some alcohol. We brought steaks, kebabs, sausages, wine and homemade cookies and muffins. Felt a bit smug on the way in with all our food until we saw what everybody else had brought! Pumpkin, rocket and feta salads, potato bakes, brie and homegrown herbs, Asian salad, homemade salsa and cases and cases of beer....the list was endless. Never mind, we'll know for next time.

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