Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gareth's First Day

Another early start today, this time with Gareth already dressed in his crisp new school uniform.

He was more than ready to head off for school with his big sisters!

The school operate a "buddy" system, and this means that a Year 6 pupil is allocated a single Kindergarten pupil to look after and spend time with during recess. It's a great idea and Gareth couldn't wait to meet his buddy Travis again.

All the kindy parents walked around a little awkwardly, squashed into the lovely classroom with dinky chairs and dusty blackboard. Gareth was very excited to show us his name plate on his desk. Parents were "asked" not to hang around for too long in case tears started to flow (from the Mum's not the children) so we said goodbye as he nonchantly waved us away - at least he was happy.

He came home at 3pm saying it was his best day EVER at school. Let's hope the bubble doesn't burst too soon!

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