Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama

Isn't it exciting to be watching history unfold in front of you!

Politics normally bores me to tears. It was the only section in the Australian Citizenship exam that I got wrong answers. I just have no spark for it. However the recent presidential election in the US has been very interesting. It has been a real opportunity to see change and to teach the kids that anyone can achieve anything if they set their mind to it. Finally the colour of your skin or the chequered background of mixing with the wrong crowd is not enough to stop you from setting your goals high, living a good life, reaching for the stars and catching them.

The kids school has seen the opportunity to use Barack Obama and his story as an example of success through determination to the students. At assembly the principle asked the kids about the election, who won? Why was that special? What was the process that led to the election? What would happen now?

The older kids were very enthusiastic in their answers. They had arms stretched so high they nearly popped their shoulders joints.

The younger kids found it a little less interesting. Gareth in particular...

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