Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rhiannons school work.

Rhiannons teacher took me to one side at school this morning. "Just a little word Mrs Baynham..."

I just knew I wasn't going to like what I heard. Mrs Cootes had a smile on her face that was smug and knowing as only a teacher can. She told me that Rhiannon wrote some very interesting answers on her school work yesterday. They were discussing needs and wants. They were asked to write out a list of things people need to be healthy and happy and then write out where or how you get these things.

Rhiannon had written that we need a house to keep us dry. Where do we get houses? From the house shop...? The smile on Mrs Cootes face was turning into a grin. But the grin was getting wider and her eyes were crinkling up. I was wondering what else Rhiannon had written. The other thing we need according to Rhiannon is exercise. Nothing too funny about that I was thinking. But where did Rhiannon think that her Mummy got exercise. At work? At the gym? Wait for it... From "Jim"

JIM, and who might JIM be asked Mrs Cootes! And does Rhiannon's Dad know him!!!

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  1. That's too funny