Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh S*%$&#.......

I'm not perfect. I have been known to use some colourful language in my younger days. However, now that I am a Mum, I don't like to use any kind of bad language infront of the kids. I dont need to get a phonecall from school asking me where my precious kindy kid learnt to swear like a trooper. Occasionally though words will escape our mouths without warning. Like when Byron carried a VERY hot tin out of the oven and couldn't find a clear spot on the counter to drop it quickly enough. I'm sure it wasn't a nice feeling nearly burning his hands off and so I forgive him the expletive that he yelled at the top of his lungs.


Rhiannon looked up in glee.

"Daddy, Thats a very rude word. We are not supposed to use words like that"

Byron looked like he was doing his best not to repeat this word as he gritted his teeth and held his poor red hands under his armpits.

"I know Rhiannon but I am a grown up and sometimes grown ups do use rude words like that if they are very, very angry or very, very sore"

Rhiannons eyes twinkled as she looked from Byron to me and back to Byron again.

"Ok Dad"

long pause .......

"Dad?" (Rhiannon grinning from ear to ear)

"Yes Rhiannon" (Byron trying not to laugh)

"Can you tell me some more words we are not supposed to say!!!" (Rhiannon exploding into giggles)

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