Saturday, August 01, 2009

Date Line Deja Vu

How bizarre. Yesterday was Saturday and because of the date-line we woke up again this morning to another Saturday! Last nights trip off the plane was interesting... We hit some pockets of turbulence and Sian went a few shades of green before grabbing for the travel sick bag in the seat pocket. After that mini drama we got off the plane into the tiniest airport you have ever seen! It was one large room with huge wooden pitched roof. a little old man was playing songs on a ukulele and customs staff stood behind bamboo tables checking and stamping passports. The Duty Free was a small table with a hand drawn sign!

We were greeted by ladies in traditional sarongs who put flower necklaces around our necks and men in tropical shirts who handed us bottles of cold water and took our bags off us and showed us to our coach. Within a short drive we were at the resort and walked into a beautiful reception with low lights and champagne glasses of cold orange juice. We were walked to our little beach house and even though it was 2am the first thing we all did was run down to waters edge to feel the water on our feet. We had arrived!

We woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach outside our door. The kids were the first to wake and were kneeling on their beds by the front window big eyed at the sight of a white beach with a line of islanders with rakes "manicuring" the sand! We unlocked the door and they ran straight down to the waters edge. Byron wanted a hammock so our first priority was to find him one! Out came the first of the Newtons birthday presents, a "Fedora" straw hat, it made him look the part. Maree and John, this photo is just for you!

After he had chilled out swinging between the palm trees we went shopping in the resorts gift shop. We saw some very vibrant Hawaiian shirts and decided that if he was going to wear his "Newton" hat then he needed a suitably complimentary shirt... One quick family conference later and we picked out a fabulous red hibiscus print! We have made a holiday rule that he has to put it on every evening for cocktail hour! There were more than a few turned heads when he walked up to the bar to order:

Me: Ultimate Toblerone (Rich blend of Baileys Irish Cream, Frangelico, 42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka, Chocolate, Cream, Fresh honey and crushed nuts)

Mr B: Day Dreamer (Melon Liqueur, Southern Comfort, Absolute Vodka, Mango Juice, Grenadine)

Sian: Liquid Sunshine (Pineapple and Orange juices with a Cranberry Glow)

Rhiannon: Bounty (Coconut and Chocolate Milk with Ice-Cream)

Gareth: Cheeky Monkey (Banana and Chocolate milkshake with Ice-Cream)

I like this holiday tradition! I'm going to set my watch to 5pm and take out the battery!

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  1. Wow .... what a start to a fantastic holiday !!!!!

    Looks amazing !! I'm sure you will
    all have a fantastic time ...xx

    Sunny swansea next eh ??

  2. Did you know I hate you just a little bit?