Friday, August 28, 2009

Oz Tag

Sian is in her schools all girl Oz Tag team and today they participated in an all day 5 match marathon competing against other local schools.

I was a driver helping to get them to the Rugby ground. It gave me a chance to watch this low contact version of the sport for the first time.

Each player had a belt with two "tags" hanging from it. The tags are attached with velcro.

The aim of the game is to tag players in the opposing team to prevent them scoring a try.

To tag them you just need to catch up with them and pull hard on one of their tags tearing it off the belt and then throw it on the ground.
The player then returns to pick up their tag and has to pass the ball on to a team mate.

It certainly is a better game for girls than the full-on-face-in-the-mud Rugby Union and makes for prettier daughters without crooked broken noses and cauliflower ears!

It was a hot day and they coped brilliantly, sitting under the shade of the trees and drinking loads of water between games. By the end of the day we had renamed them "Undefeated" because they won every match!

Go Joeys!

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  1. Go team! Congrats to all the girls. What you describe sounds a lot like our flag football.