Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Pear, the Mushroom, the Kumquat and the Angry Man.

I hate supermarket shopping with my kids. There is nothing worse than dragging three reluctant kids up and down the supermarket aisles while trying to remember what 6 things I have come in for. Unless of course we go straight from school on a hot sticky afternoon when they are more tired and grumpy than normal. So today being a hot and sticky afternoon I knew it wasn't such a great idea to head to Woolworths but I only needed a few things, just a basketful...

The silver lining to shopping with three kids is the 6 extra hands they come with to carry the extra things that overflow out of the basket. They asked could they choose a piece of fruit each. I was happy to let them as it kept them distracted for a few minutes. Rhiannon chose a pear, Gareth a huge mushroom (?) and Sian a tiny kumquat. Ten minutes after walking in the supermarket door I walked out with 6 bags, 3 happy kids and headed for the car. Success!

As we got into the car a couple were walking across the car park towards us. They were having a disagreement. I looked at them and I judged the man instantly. He looked a bit rough, unshaven, tattoos down his forearm. His voice was raised and irritated by whatever the lady had said to him. I worried a bit for her. You hear so many bad stories in the news every week. Domestic violence, road rage, people using fists instead of words to sort out their differences. She looked up and into my eyes, she looked OK but I decided to wait a moment before driving off just in case.

They walked behind my parked car and I waited to see them reappear in the other wing mirror but they didn't. Then he knocked on my driver window. I jumped. He had squeezed in the narrow gap between me and the next car, his face was close against my window and he was pointing at me. "Hey you" I know that I looked terrified. I clamped my hands on the wheel wishing I had started the engine so I could pull away. "Hey you" he shouted again through my closed window. "You left a bag of groceries on the ground behind your car" I opened the door and sure enough the bag of milk was still on the ground next to the boot. He grinned "You looked like you were scared for your life there" She grinned at me too, they held hands and walked on. "I was actually" I grinned back "Thanks"

Note to self: Don't judge a book by its cover.

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  1. nothing wrong with tattooed man down to there elbows they are usually really nice people and great family men. well mine is. Karen

  2. That is so funny! I would have jumped, too. Love the mushroom, too...sounds like something my ten year old would want. Once we left the San-A store with a container of whipping cream (what we came for) and one purple sweet potato (because he just wanted to try it). Love adventurous kids!

  3. I'm guilty of that sometimes, I judge too hastily based on someone's appearance. I know some people are intimidated when they see someone with tatts ...alot of people equate them with biker or scary type people ~ but some of the nicest people I have ever met have tatts....including me. :)

  4. Well... i do agree there Gina BUT if you are referring to Woolies at Toronto.. cant say i blame you LOL