Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cup-cake chaos.

January is a time for resolutions, for watching what you eat, for being good.

Thank God it's February!

I told a work colleague yesterday that I was in a baking mood. I fancied cooking up a batch of cup-cakes but needed an excuse. 2 minutes later I overheard another colleague say it was her birthday today. Sometimes you just have to believe in a higher force, if that wasn't divine intervention what is?

I asked the birthday-girl-to-be what her favourite flavour was and threw a couple of choices at her.
White chocolate and raspberry won.

It wasn't plain sailing. I started with what I thought was a full list of ingredients but it took two trips to the shops (the second time to an unexpectedly closed shop so I detoured to the petrol station!) and a completely trashed kitchen, one burnt very well done tray of muffins (I got a phone-call and had a lapse of concentration...) and a last minute 11pm panic when I couldn't find any icing sugar for the frosting.

There are no beautifully presented photos of the different stages of my kitchen going from tidy to trashed.
I have some pride you know!

I will leave you with the photo of the finished birthday treat...

Happy Birthday Kate!

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  1. Beautiful outcome and I love the way you worked so hard to make it a happier day for Kate.

  2. Gina,
    My birthday is in June... 'kay....

  3. Yum!
    My birthday is in June too! ☺

  4. White chocolate raspberry cupcakes?!?!?
    Oh. My.
    That sounds (and looks!) absolutely phenomenal!

    If you'd ever feel like sharing the recipe, I'd be forever grateful! :)

  5. May 7th... Gina Dear!!

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  7. well girls i live around the corner so mine will be very fresh LOL. Oh and its the 29th June Gina. Dont worry i will remind you closer LOL
    (im kidding!!!).

  8. Ooooh, I want some too. September 10th, please Gina!!

  9. Oh yea....cupcakes! Job well done! :)

  10. Hello Gina! YUMMY post! I have presented you with an award. come to my blog!


  11. Yummers! You think I can drop a hint about my birthday and get one of those too?

  12. How good would it be if I could visit each of you on your birthdays for some muffins and a cup of tea!

    I will just have to wish a virtual Happy Birthday from a distance until they invent a time machine that will get me to your kitchen and back before the kids get off the school bus at 3pm!

    P.S: The recipe was simple and will probably make for a good blog entry in the very near future.