Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ooops! The secret is out.

I pretend to be perfect. 

Cooking every meal from scratch.

The secret is out..... A Musing Mom discovered the real me.

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  1. you are hilarious!!!!

  2. jejeje...♥

  3. Right after I typed that up, I felt a hankering for some chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't find a mix. I didn't feel like measuring much. I didn't even have a chocolate cake but I had a yellow cake mix.

    A little bit of cocoa, an egg, a little bit of water and oil and


    I pulled Gina!

  4. To clarify, I turned the cake mix into edible (but not delicious) chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.

    I admire my pioneer heritage - cross the plains, grow wheat, hand grind wheat, make your own yeast, go out in the sagebrush and have a baby, come back in, stoke the fire, bake the bread...

    What my great, great, great grandparents would have given for help from Betty Crocker and a good epidural, though.

  5. That was funny! Thanks for sharing her site and article with us.

  6. Love this!

    I like to cook from scratch...when I have the time & motivation. But I can absolutely appreciate a good box mix or prepared meal in a pinch...or when I'm just having one of those lazy days!

  7. Thanks for the laugh. I cannot believe you revealed your secret.