Monday, February 08, 2010

Honest Scrap

Jessica  the writer of a great blog called "The Team" has been reading and commenting on our blog for a while now and has presented me with an award. It is called the "Honest Scrap" award and I guess is supposed to suggest that the writing here is down to earth. When I tried to explain this to Byron he looked at me with disbelief.... he had misheard me and thought that Jessica had awarded me an "Honest Crap" award!

Thank you Jessica. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to suggest my blog was crap! Byron is booked in for a hearing test on Monday week! In the spirit of the award I must now tell you 10 things about myself. 

1: I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland

2: When I was a teenager I loved Heavy Metal, dated only long haired boys and was saving to buy a Harley Davidson motorbike. 

3: Aged 20, I met my wonderful Mr B while inebriated in a Greek nightclub. I was rude to him when he offered me a drink because I thought he had impure intentions!

4: I didn't recognise him when we met again (sober) the next evening. I though he had a great smile and was much nicer and more attentive to him and accepted a drink when he offered!

5: We lived in different counties and met 6 times over the next 8 months and when he proposed I said yes without any hesitation. (My Harley Davidson money became the deposit on our first house)

6:We have three great kids but were pregnant with a fourth between Rhiannon and Gareth which we lost early on in the pregnancy.

7: On the day I was due that baby I cried and prayed for a chance to be a Mum again. I didn't know that I was just barely pregnant with our fabulous Gareth. 

8: I love adventures and have spent the last 4 years building a new life for our family of 5 in sunny Australia after we emigrated here in October 2005.

9: I have made my own guitar from scratch under the amazing guidance of a friend Strato Anagnostis. When I finished I became an assistant in his Guitar workshop for the next year.

10: I love photography, baking, and making hand-made cards for friends birthdays, and of course blogging!

I think this is where I pass the award on to two more bloggers. I read lots of amazing blogs. Some are very cultured with gorgeous photography, some are stories of families living through hard circumstances, many are just normal mums like me raising their kids and trying to keep their sense of humour. Two blogs that make me laugh out loud regularly are "A Musing Mother" and "Nutty Mom"

Whew, that was a bit exhausting. I think I need to sit back now and reward myself with a nice cup of tea!

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  1. I'm a winner!?

    If you hadn't honored me, I would have honored you. I find you completely delightful.

  2. You've gotta love this mutual adoration. Cheaper than therapy!!!!

  3. Well deserved and I may officially change the title of my blog to "Honest Crap". Love it.

  4. WOW ~ what a ride!! I loved this little peek into your past!

  5. Honest crap! that's hilarious! I am thrilled you accepted the award and look forward to reading and sharing with you for years to come! Please don't stop and if you ever need a sounding board I am here for you!

  6. Your writing always seems so effortless Gina, as if it's a conversation. Fabulous insight, you've got it made!