Monday, October 18, 2010

Breakfast Bush-walk.

The Government recently gave millions of dollars out to every school in Australia to build new school halls. It was a plan to keep the country out or recession which technically has worked.

The theory is that the government spend the money on keeping the building industry thriving, which keeps tradesmen working and not claiming benefits. They in turn will then keep the local infrastructure alive as they buy lunches and materials for the construction. Eventually each school will also benefit from this extra amenity in their grounds.

The plan has been controversial. Some people feel that a lot of money has gone to the big builders and not the local tradies. Some people dislike the large halls that are appearing left, right and centre wherever you look. I'm reserving judgement. I know that our kids will benefit from the hall when it is finished. I'd like to think it is a positive thing.

In the short term there is some disruption to the normal  car parking at the school. Occasionally the road is closed as large trucks deliver supplies or huge cranes position roof trusses. When this happens the cars are diverted to a conference centre close to the school. The teachers then walk groups of children up through the gum trees twisting and turning and arriving at the classrooms via a scenic route safe from construction machines.

I walked with them today as I help at school on my day off work.

It was fun starting the day with such a beautiful bush-walk!

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  1. My daughter's school received two new classrooms in the stimulus package. Big business has definately profited from this venture, my builder hubby hasnt done any work for the schools even though we threw our name out there. Oh well, the new classroom is awesome :)

  2. A lovely walk is a wonderful way to start your day. I can see how controversy could arise...our stimulus packages went to the same big banks and companies that got us into this economic mess. I'm still trying to figure out how throwing our tax dollars into those black holes helped stimulate our economy. :)