Friday, October 29, 2010

The many faces of Mr B

I have a very clean and tidy husband. A husband who goes to work in an office, wearing smart trousers and neatly ironed shirts. A husband who rarely comes home dirty or needing a shower.  This week he got his hands dirty when he drove up the driveway with a flat tyre. All he wanted was a little bit of help. All I wanted was to take a photo! 

We raced against the clock feeling the first few drops of a big thunder storm start to land on us and half an hour later the tyre was changed, the spare was in place and the punctured tyre complete with big nail was in the boot ready to bring to the garage the next day. Success.

I drove off to work at 6.30am the next morning unaware that another of his tyres also had a big nail in it and had deflated overnight leaving him physically running Sian to her school bus with seconds to spare, then Gareth and Rhiannon to theirs, and then unable to go into work himself. Luckily he has a very nice boss who let him work from home and he was able to get the two tyres repaired when I got home from my nursing shift that afternoon!

I think I quite enjoyed seeing Mr B get down and dirty. He looked very masculine and rugged. I'm wondering what role play I can get him to get stuck into this week... Gardener? Pool boy? Naked Housework?

(Ooops! Did that come out loud?!)

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  1. Hello Gina :-) :-) I just laughed so much, not about poor hubbies tyres but the "role" play ... yep it did come out LOUD!!! xox

  2. Ha! Fantasizing out loud....could be potentially embarrassing sometimes. :) Thanks for the laugh this evening!!