Friday, October 15, 2010

Elastics and Ink.

To mark the occasion of Australia's first Saint this coming weekend there was a day of fun at the kids school where they got to do "Old Fashioned" activities.

They needed parent helpers. I volunteered without really knowing what I would do. Somehow my mouth said "Calligraphy" while my brain was zoned out and not quite thinking. My friend Monica's brain was working when she volunteered. She said "Old Fashioned Games"

Monica got to play "Jacks" and "Elastics" using simple things like.... Jacks.... and.... elastic.

Monica's hands were free to take photos (which she kindly shared!)

I got to use black ink, home-made pens made out of wooden sticks, an old fashioned brass letter seal and red hot wax and matches.

My hands were so busy trying to stop the kids destroying the desks with ink and flames that I forgot I had a camera.

Monica's group had a ball.

Monica left afterwards smiling and relaxed.

My group had a ball.

I got to leave afterwards covered in permanent black ink and burnt knuckles from the dripping wax.

I'm kind of glad this whole Saint business is a mercifully rare event!

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  1. Hi Gina .. Not seen Elastic Skipping as we used to call it .. and Jacks .. loved playing this game too :-) .. Bet they all had loads of fun .

    How about Pick Up Sticks .. !!

  2. What memories you made for the children though. I'm sure the ink stains and burnt knuckles were worth it.

  3. Ahhh, the beauty of volunteering and picking a not so easy time you know what you don't want to do. :)