Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Growing up is a state of mind...

This week I had a mini School reunion. It really was mini. Just me and my friend Clare who went to school together many moons ago and now live on the other side of the world to where we first met.

When we caught up over the last couple of days we talked about how the 17 year old versions of ourselves would never in their wildest dreams have imagined themselves living these lives in the future. Living in a different country, taking chances, breaking the moulds we thought we would shape to.

But ultimately very, very happy!

Who knew that growing up didn't have to mean acting grown up!

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  1. Young at heart!

  2. On our trip to Utah in October, I reconnected with an old friend in person, after reconnecting on facebook. We were grade school friends, and managed to keep in touch across the miles up through high school, even without email and facebook like my kids take for granted. It was so great to see her in person and we each helped each other fill in the blanks in our memories. We were crazy...and we had so much fun laughing about it. Fun to see you being crazy with your friend here, too!

  3. Old age is a state of mind...one I keep out of mine as often as I can. I love reconnecting with old friends...it looks as if you two had a good time too. :)

  4. How great that you both had dreams, broke the mold and both ended up on the other side of the world and could meet up :-) ..

    Hey don't worry about growing up , its good to be crazy ha ha ha ha

  5. I have to say I am just loving your hair in this pic!!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time near the water. Our water is all frozen here!! : )

    ~ Wendy