Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer Wishlist No:19

No: 19 Have a meal overlooking the sea at sunset. 

Today was a scorcher. Almost too hot to be out in the middle of the day. We spent until after 4pm inside catching up on house stuff and then finally headed out to get some fresh air.

We used the new bike rack to get the three kids bikes into Newcastle where we bribed them with a cycle along the foreshore that would end at the Nobby's lighthouse Fish and Chip shop. By the time we got to it the kids stomachs were growling and then we realised that it wasn't open! We had to cycle back to the car and then on a little further in the other direction to a different Fish and Chip shop called Scratchley's who do the best Calamari in Newcastle!

As we ate our food on the rocks we watched a man who was setting up 5 fishing rods in a row to do some fishing. He was taking it all very seriously and had live fish for bait that he was storing in a plastic bucket with a battery powered aerator. This was balanced on a home made trolley made out of an old plastic milk crate, wheels and a handle so the man could transport all his fishing gear safely.

The kids watched with big eyes as he cast out each rod and within minutes Gareth and Rhiannon were making fishing rods too out of sticks and fishing line that was caught in the rocks near us.

They "fished" until sunset when we called it a night and headed home!

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  1. What a splendid day... yum- fun in the sun and fish & chips! I am heading to Florida soon for some sunshine myself! Glad your summer wishlist is getting accomplished!