Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lambton Pool

Today was another scorcher. The forecast for the coming week is well into the 30's every day. Today was 36C degrees. Rhiannon suggested going to a local outdoor pool in Newcastle. It seems a bit daft to pay in to another pool when we have one in our own backyard but there was a water-slide at the public one so we relented.

We packed up after lunch and stopped at the petrol station for newspapers and magazines. We paid the grand total of $13 entry and another $5 for tickets to the water slide. For the next 4 hours the kids swam in the 4 different pools (including a mega deep diving pool with 1 meter boards 3 meter boards and a diving tower!)

We all went up and down the slide a few times as you can see from this video. The first out are Gareth and Rhiannon. Can you guess who is screaming her head down all the way in the second inflatable?!

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