Monday, March 05, 2012

Balanced diet.

As a mum you try to strike a balance between healthy food and treats. Not always an easy balance but we try. This week I brought home a big bag of seedless grapes from the shops. They are in season, cheap and so sweet and delicious. The kids are happy to munch their way through a bunch in the blink of an eye and I have to hold back on enough to go in their fruit break lunch boxes for the following day.

As a dad you are allowed to break all the rules and cause chaos in the kitchen. At least that's what Mr B thinks. He saw a bunch of grapes sitting on the kitchen table as not just a healthy snack but as a means for getting as much chocolate hazelnut spread into your mouth as possible in as short a period of time. He introduced the concept to the kids and within milliseconds there was a sorry looking bunch of stalks and an empty tub of chocolate spread.

Thanks Mr B. 
Thanks a bunch...

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  1. Wow, Mr B! I have been a Nutella addict since before I can remember and even I hadn't thought of that!

    I'm not showing my kids this picture.

  2. OMG nobody in my home thought of eating nutella with grapes!
    I am not going to show this picture either.