Thursday, March 08, 2012

Growing up.

I like that my eldest daughter is growing up. Not everything is a bed of roses but yesterday there was a distinct advantage to her being in High School.

Food Tech.

Yesterday she learnt how to make Spaghetti Carbonara and then part of the homework was to make it and serve it to your entire family!

Today I thanked the Lord for Food Tech teachers!

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  1. Now that is a day I will now look forward to, Gina! Heavens to Betsy, you must be a happy mama about that ☺. J x

  2. Gotta love that!

  3. Oh yes I can't wait:)

  4. Little girls growing up...I got a chuckle at your "not everything is a bed of roses" statement...lord don't I know! Definitely a plus when you get the nice little surprises and an occasional meal. :)