Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thanks Amber!

Rhiannon and her year 7 friends had some religion homework. They had to chose a person they knew and then answer a set of questions on them. The questions covered topics such as relationships, faith, community and parish involvement. The final part of the homework was to "sum up" the person in a general paragraph.

One night I got a phone-call from Amber, one of Rhiannons friends. I assumed she wanted to chat to Rhiannon about something but it turned out she had chosen me for her homework and wanted to ask me the questions.

The next morning I got a message from Amber's Mum, Karen. It contained a photo of the final homework that had been handed in. When I talked to Karen later she was joking that they expected to see the photo on the blog later. I asked would it not be big headed of me to put such a brag post up and Karen laughed and said that everyone already knows I'm big headed and just do it!

So hear, reluctantly blowing my own trumpet, is Ambers opinion of me...
(thanks Amber, I owe you a cookie!)

"I think the behaviour that you see in Gina 
mostly is her relationship with her family and 
others. Gina is always with her family as 
much as she can be. She makes home 
made cookies, cakes and is always taking 
funny photo's. When ever I'm at Gina's 
place she always makes me fell welcome. 
She gives us hot chocolates, cookies and 
cakes. Gina is funny, fun loving, nice, kind, caring 
and great to be around. I admire this 
because its great to spend time with 
others. She will give up her time to be 
with her family. Gina has a very strong 
faith and this shows in her beautiful 
caring nature"

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  1. love it Gina now wait and see what the teacher thought lol will keep you posted

  2. He he you should absolutely share with us on your blog. It's very flattering and lovely to know how much an impact you have on others especially in such a positive way, just beautiful Gina. I have given you an award on my blog too if you wanted to stop by to check it out. x

  3. How beautiful and true Gina,you deserve the praise well and truly, from you're admiring Jul x

  4. This is exactly what I would have written about you. Such a caring person you are!

  5. Amber - congratulations on writing such a lovely letter - well done.

    Gina - Know that you are loved and appreciated by many and are a beautiful influence on lots of children when you open your home up and invite them in to have fun and laugh with your cheeky Irish accent.

  6. Gina ... I've only known you for one year but from my observations you are an amazing role model and leader to your kids and like Monica Scanlon you always want to be involved in everything every way possible . Also you are one of the most creative mums that I know. I remember looking at the subject labels in Rhiannon's books last year and all of the home made things an I thought wow ! I wish I had a mum like that. You seriously are great and I know your kids love you heaps . Valencia xx