Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eat, Fast and Live Longer: Week 5

I've re-read last weeks entry and I'm sorry if it sounded so grim. The difference between last week and this is like the difference between winter and summer. This week was a breeze. I barely noticed I was fasting on Monday. No headaches, no grumbly tummy, barely a craving. Tuesday I felt a teeny bit hungrier but really not too much.

And so on Wednesday I braved my local swimming pool this week for the first time in years. Gareth had swimming lessons and I decided to do a few lengths during his lesson time. Before his lesson began we shared a lane and did a few races. I didn't win any! I couldn't believe that my 10 year old Gareth was swimming the lengths faster than me and I was really trying to beat him.

To summarise. I've now completed 5 weeks of fasting for 2 days and eating normally for 5. It doesn't feel like I'm on a diet once the two fast days are behind me. The weight loss is a bit variable. Last week I lost 1.1kg This week I lost just 0.1kg. I'm now comfortably exercising on 3 or 4 of the non fast days and don't have any problems with tiredness. I've still eaten chocolate and had an ice cream if we are out on the weekends. This week we had Valentines Day on the Thursday and I tucked in with gusto to the chocolates and nice Indian meal that we had that night. This probably explaines why I had such a small weight loss this week!

The total weight loss over the 5 weeks is 2.4kgs which evens out at about 0.5kg per week. A healthy and recommended weight loss for long term success. Next week will throw a challenge into the mix. There is a long awaited "Girls Night Out" happening on an evening I should be fasting. I will need to decide whether to stay home (not bloomin' likely!) or whether to turn up but not eat (not very sociable)  or change around the days I fast for (most likely scenario) It will interesting to see how I cope with a change to my routine. This would be the point at which I fall off the wagon on a regular diet. Once I have a big meal out I feel like I might as well throw the whole week out the window. Hopefully not this time! Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Gina!! I give you so much credit for being able to go two days without eating!! LOL!! I do have to say that on those rare occasions that I'm not feeling well and don't want to eat I do feel so much better afterwards and the scale does go down at a rapid pace. Good luck to you. I think changing the day you fast would definitely be your best option. Eating is such a big part of socializing and life is too short to not have a good time with friends!! : ) God bless. xo

    ~ Wendy

    ps. Thank you for always leaving such kind words on my blog. They really mean a lot to me. xo

  2. Well done :) Ive fallen behind on my couch to 5k. Need to get back into it before I have to start from scratch again! May try what you're doing. Sounds like a good way to lose the weight. Next!

  3. Gina, I wanted to say Thank You for your sweet comment about my grandma and for sharing a bit about yours! Best of luck with your fasting; that wold be so tough!!