Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day. Not for the commercial side of things but for the chance to bring a bit of home made romance into normal day to day life. Each year a small parcel arrives and our kids are spoiled with cards and little treats from Granny + Grandad and Auntie Carrie in Dublin.

This year Rhiannon saw a fun idea on Pinterest showing how to wrap a pack of Rolo's to look like a stick of dynamite. She asked me to put Rolo's on the shopping list but I kept "forgetting" when in actual fact I managed to find a similar shaped roll of Cadbury's chocolate and secretly make them up for the kids to give to them on the morning!
I also made a cookie dough so I could make some heart shaped biscuits to bring to work and to share around some of the younger kids who live locally to us. I made a huge ball of dough and only used half of it and produced over 100 hearts! I stayed up till 11pm icing them and putting them in little bags and then left the house before 7am so I could place them on doorsteps on my way to work. The texts and photos that arrived on my phone over the morning as the hearts were found put a spring in my step and made me feel all warm and fuzzy!
I contemplated doing a romantic meal on Thursday evening but Mr B has always said that Thursday night is Curry night. Valentines was not an exception in his head. So we set the table nice and opened some bubbles and even gave the kids sparkling water in champagne glasses and sat down to our Chicken Tikka, rice, Kashmir spinach, raita, poppadoms and heart shaped naan breads!

Do you do anything special to celebrate Valentines day? Or do you think it's a load of rubbish!

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  1. Oh my, so cute!! Bet the kids loved it :) And what a lovely idea doing a little gift drop-off in the morning.

  2. Awww what lucky children, both yours and the ones you delivered those gorgeous biccies too, you are so thoughtful. The you are the bomb lollies are totally cool. x