Sunday, July 28, 2013

Self portrait, unfinished...

We are lucky enough to live fairly close to a great Art Gallery. This weekend we pulled in to have a quick look through a photography exhibition that had been talked about on the news. It was a competition to find the best "portrait" of a Hunter subject. The pictures were varied and interesting. Better still was the debate that happened between us as a family over which was the best photo? Did we agree on who had been chosen as the winner? What about the peoples choice award? A beautiful black and white image of a baby in hospital nestled on his mothers shoulder, why did we think that particular photo tugged at the hearts of the community? 
Having enjoyed that area of the gallery we then wandered through to the interactive area. Almost without fail this gallery has a corner to allow young and old alike to dabble creatively. This time there were mirrors and blank sheets of paper asking you to draw a portrait. Either of a family member or yourself. Faces are not my thing when drawing. I rarely can get the proportions correct or make the finished picture actually look like the person it was meant to be. The light was fading and we were the last in the gallery as the staff began to shuffle around preparing to lock up for the night. I had to walk away from my self portrait leaving it unfinished. Hanging on the hooks on the wall alongside hundreds of others from childish scrawls to fantastic real to life images. There it will hang, always in a state of half-done like so many of the things I start! 

P.S. I almost posted this blog entry yesterday when my yard work was half-finished but I resisted and waited until today when I was all finished! Maybe there's hope for me yet...!

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  1. Another talent Mrs B - that's a great drawing!

  2. Wow.... You have some talent in art!! As for finishing, anything, there is always tomorrow!

  3. I love it. You are very talented.