Thursday, October 03, 2013

Five Spice!

We try to sit down each evening with the kids and have a gadget free hour where we leave all ipods, iphones etc in their chargers in another room. We curl up on the sofa and try to find something on the tv that we can all watch as a family. Usually it is something like Man V's Wild, Mythbusters or a David Attenborough documentary. As the kids get older they are wanting to sit in on other shows we watch that are a bit more borderline suitable. 

Live at the Apollo is a comedy that has different comedians each week. It is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the comedians are very crude and as the topics progress we find ourselves having coughing fits and quickly changing channels to something more suitable. One exception was a funny segment about all the different spices and herbs in a cupboard that are talking to one another about how little they have been used. Other than one use of the word "B*****d" it is quite funny and has had the kids and Byron randomly saying "I'm five spice" in falsetto and doubling over laughing! You can hopefully see it here...
As I browsed through the spice aisle looking for some cinnamon the other day look what caught my eye! Five Spice!!! I could help myself. I had to take a selfie to text message to the kids before I bought it. Now the only question is... How long will it sit in the cupboard waiting to be used!

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  1. I had to find this comedian so I youtubed it (the video you posted wouldn't work on my phone). HILARIOUS!!!! his one about pee in the sea was quite funny too. I think I now need to go buy some 5 spice :-)