Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Miss A turns 2!

Are you a recent reader of this blog? Or are you an old timer? 
Do you remember what happened two years ago? 
Yes, the famous "The baby I (nearly) delivered!" story...

Well two years on and that friendship is sealed for life and I have become the very happy shared God-mother of  the adorable little Miss A. She is the most gorgeous kid you could ever hope to know. She is fiery and clever and cute as a button. With big eyes and curly golden hair and a smile that melts your heart. And she is 2! No more baby, hello little personality. 

This year on her actual birthday she was visiting grandparents and cousins. So on the weekend of their return her parents offered to call in so I could have my birthday hug. We decided to make a little afternoon tea with mini cup-cakes and a giant cup-cake birthday cake (best $5 cake tin I've ever bought!) Throw in a few pink balloons and some tissue paper wrapped up gifts and voila, an impromptu party! 

Little Miss A got shy as we sung Happy Birthday to her so I got the longest tightest squeezy hug from her as she hid her head in my neck until the singing stopped. 

The giant cup-cake was a huge success. And what Birthday table would be complete without a little ambulance to remind us of the day that brought us all together. 

Dear Little Miss A,
I am so thankful for the day I gave your mum my number "just in case" 
I'm glad your Dad rang me that night for help.
I'm grateful (and a teeny bit jealous) you came into this world under the safety of the paramedics who delivered you only down the road.
I'm so glad I get to see you each Monday in the school car park for a quick cuddle.
I'm so lucky I have been able to watch you grow over these last 2 years into a beautiful little girl.
I am so happy that I will get to be a part of your life over the coming years as you grow up.
I love you more than all the cup-cakes in the world!
G xo

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  1. Gina this is a beautiful post, thank you so much for writing it. Little Miss A is so lucky to have crazy Aunty Gina as a Godmother. It was a lovely celebration of her birthday and the "A"mbulance was a great touch :) There's nothing like sealing a friendship with a bit of drama, although now we think of you Baynhams more as extended family than friends xx