Friday, October 11, 2013

A new habit

As the weather here in Australia gets warmer and Spring wakes us all up from our Winter hibernation it is a chance to get out and about and shake the cobwebs from our heads. Rhiannon and myself have been for a couple of great walks together. We know that when Summer takes hold the heat will make long walks harder in the middle of the day but this time of year is perfect. It is warm and pleasant and you don't feel like you are sizzling under the full strength of the harsh Aussie sun.

At the end of a lovely walking track we came across a small cottage with a rambling garden full of simple flowers. Daisies, nasturtiums and many more we didn't know the names of. The seeds from these flowers had blown over the garden boundaries and spread out into the surrounding bushland. It was like someone had accidentally spilt a pallet of bright colours and they had splashed accidentally in places they didn't normally belong.

We stopped a while and made daisy chains. Rhiannon was a natural. I gave up as stem after stem split under my stubbie fingers but Rhiannon had a daisy crown in no time at all! We came home rejuvinated. Not just from the fresh air but from the time together, a precious thing in our normally busy lives.

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  1. This made me smile!

  2. Gorgeous. It sounds like a nice adventure to stop along the way and look at the scenery :-)