Monday, November 25, 2013


To our Wonderful Gareth

When I married your Dad and we talked about having children he said he thought 2 would be great. I wanted 3 so I told him I wanted 4 and we could compromise on 3!

First we had Sian and then two years later Rhiannon. They were a bit of a handful! When I realised I was going to have a third baby sooner than planned I was a bit overwhelmed. I was scared I wouldn't be able to cope with so many little children. We all know the story about how that baby didn't make it to being a part of our living family. After so much sadness your Dad said he didn't want to risk trying for another baby. He didn't want to see me hurt if things went wrong again but I yearned for one more.

On the night that baby should have joined our family I found myself kneeling in a small church in my hometown. Tears ran down my face as I prayed and begged God to let us have another baby. To let it work out safe and healthy. To let me have the third child I wanted so badly my heart physically ached for it. I made promises I swore I would keep. As I kneeled there crying I didn't know that you were already snug deep within me. Just waiting for another few weeks to go by before I would start to realise that I was pregnant. My prayers had been answered before I had even put them into words.

When you  came into the world 11 years ago you were the most perfect, HUGE baby boy! We were complete. I had my three beautiful children and we had the added excitement of a boy to help the balance in favour of your poor Dad.

Our family is so lucky to have you in it. You are such a wonderful person. You have such an enquiring mind, always seeking answers, answers I don't always know so I tell you "Best go ask your Dad..." You are funny and sensitive. You feel other peoples emotions as though they are your own. You are quick to apologise and to look out for others. You are a total computer genius! I know you get that from your Dad. You will go far in life with those brain cells and be a good person too. Your friends are fortunate to know you and I know that as you grow and mature that you will make many people happy simply by being a part of their lives.

Gareth Patrick Baynham, We love you so much. Our big handsome 11 year old!

Happy Birthday

You are loved so very much,

Mum xo

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  1. ...And Oh! Doesn't he get so much from his Mom too. Happy Birthday Gareth. From all the Keanes. xxxxx

  2. Happy birthday Gareth. Hope you had a fun party today :-)