Friday, November 29, 2013

Sian's formal.

Sian is finishing Year 10 this year. It is tradition to have a Formal evening where they dress up and have one last evening together as a group before some move on to apprenticeships and trades and some continue on to Year 11 and 12. 

Sian spent the day with her friend Holly and they enjoyed pampering and doing hair and make-up together. They looked so beautiful as they went out into Newcastle. It blew a gale as they posed for photos under the shelter of the "Tin Sheds" in Newcastle before heading on to their meal and dancing.
We went to dinner with friends and ate pizza and chips in the cozy shelter of Merewether surf house as the rain pounded the windows.

It felt strange waiting up at home for Sian and Holly to come back in the door. They had big smiles on their faces and shoes in hand to relieve aching feet.

I truly have felt my emotions go around and around this last couple of weeks as I see Sian making subject choices based on Uni plans for 2016. She is growing up so very fast. No longer a child to be nurtured and molded but a young adult to be allowed to grow and become her own person. If the glimpse she gave us this weekend is what she is becoming then I think we are very lucky parents.
We love you so much. 
You have made us so proud and given us a lump in our throats as we see the beautiful a young woman you are becoming.
Always stay true to yourself our gorgeous girl. 

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  1. Beautiful girl. So glad she had a lovely time with her friends. You and Byron are wonderful parents :-)

  2. She is so beautiful- love her dress! Love the pic of the two of you together Gina! Precious!