Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dr Who, 50th Anniversary.

*Disclaimer* The following blog post contains geeks and geeky behavior. You have been warned!

We are big Dr Who fans in our house. HUGE! 

This weekend marks the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who and we were spoiled for choice with numerous replays on TV and of course the 50th anniversary special. We recorded it and waited for all 5 of us to be home together so we could have a special dinner in front of the TV. There were bow-ties, fez hats, TARDIS mugs and of fingers and custard!!! Fellow geeks will understand why the odd choice of food. Non-geeks, if you are still reading this you may be a closet geek after all!

Rhiannon is getting very clever with her photography and particularly with grouping photos together into collages. I loved the one she posted on Instagram this evening so I asked her could I steal it to put here. 

Did you watch any of this weekends shows? Reluctantly or in full geek splendor?!

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  1. Oh my goodness she is beautiful!! She did a great job with thos photos too. Very creative and good storytelling.

  2. With everything going on in our lives at the moment, I wasn't able to watch. I will have to check it out soon :-)