Sunday, December 22, 2013

A "real" message

Our kids are growing up in a world that is fast moving. A world where messages can be sent with the click of a few buttons from anywhere in the world and the recipient can read them instantly. We often hear people saying that the art of letter writing is being lost and that kids these days don't have the manners and traditions that their parents and grandparents were raised with. 

Can I share with you the following Christmas card that Gareth came home from school with last week. Not just a card with Gareth's name and the senders name scribbled on in a rush. A card where the child had used white out to blank over the generic "Merry Christmas" message that had been printed on so he could write his own special individual message to each of the kids in his class. 
I sent a message to this boys mum telling her what a lovely card her son had sent. She said that he had decided to try to find one thing nice that he could say to each of his friends when he sat down to write them their personalized card. In this busy time where we can feel swept along by the commercialism and busyness of Christmas and wanting everything to be done yesterday this one boy and his special message has stopped us in our tracks and made us think again about the real meaning of Christmas. 

Happy Christmas to you too Jake. You are a credit to your Mum. 

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  1. It is indeed refreshing to know
    that what a child say's or writes
    is honest and sincere.
    Bless them all.

    Sheila/Jim Clancy.