Monday, December 23, 2013

Blogging parcel!

There are so many lovely blogs that I love to read. My favourite ones seem to be the ones where normal women are raising their kids, living life and finding happiness and fun in the everyday. Those are the blogs that inspire me to live a happier life. To throw a little craft in here or there. To try a new recipe. To look at the normal busyness of our family week and see a moment that can be caught, in a photo or in words and turned into a story here on our own blog.

One of these blogs A Time To Create is written by an Australian woman called Catherine. I love her simplicity. She can leave periods of time go between blog posts because she is living real life and not trying to create an image of perfection that is unobtainable to other women bloggers. I love in particular that she makes such simple and yet beautiful cards. I love sending homemade cards to friends on their Birthdays and when Catherine posts a blog about recent cards she has made I find myself dropping everything and rummaging through my own craft drawers trying to re-create something similar for the next occasion I have to mark! 

I also love that Catherine has girls not dissimilar in ages to my teenagers. She seems to understand the reluctance of our girls to be blogged about constantly. And yet she has managed to complete a year of a one-a-week photos of each of her girls so she has 52 images of each to mark the year that has flown by. I wanted to do the same but didn't feel my girls would want me too. However after showing them the images Catherine has captured of her girls both mine are actually encouraging me to do the same with them in 2014 (with them getting pre-posting critique rights first!!!) 

When Catherine decided to do a giveaway  I left a comment and was so excited to have actually won. The parcel arrived a short time later and I waited until all the days chores were finished and I could sit down on the sofa and truly relish opening the beautifully wrapped parcel. 
Thank you Catherine. For being so real in a blog world we could so easily trick people into seeing only perfection. For your beautiful photos, your recipes you share, the card inspiration you give me and of course for this wonderful parcel of simplicty! 
I look forward to many more blog posts over the coming year. I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas, time with loved ones and that 2014 will be kind to you all. 

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  1. Gina this would have to be the most lovely post anyone has written about me, thank you it has made my day. I am so glad you like your gift:) May your and your gorgeous family have a wonderful day celebrating. xxxx

  2. How wonderful Gina , it is brilliant to connect with someone like Catherine too, What a fab gift.

    My sons , now fathers are so reluctant to be featured in my blogs and that includes their children , so great that your girls now might be more happier after seeing Catherines girls do it :-) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas xx