Thursday, October 02, 2014

02:10:14 The emotional cook.

The more I read about healthy lifestyles the more I hear the expression "emotional eater" 

Am I an emotional eater? Today tested that theory. 

I came away from work in a pretty low mood. There were some tears in the car which I wiped away quickly before pulling up the driveway. It's school holidays so the kids were home and a cup of tea was ready for me in the kitchen. 

Today is one of my 5:2 fast days. I was hungry and craving cookies. Had it been a non fast day I'm sure I'd have dived into the fridge or pantry. I had a friend calling in for a cuppa and a chat so I decided to bake. 

Sugar, butter, eggs, flour, coconut. I weighed and measured, sieved and mixed. The messier the kitchen got the calmer I felt. The smell of the cookie dough, the feel of it as I rolled it into balls in my hands. The texture of it as I pressed the balls into disks on to the cookie trays. The smell as they cooked and turned golden brown in the oven. The warmth as I slid each cookie off the tray with a spatula. The satisfaction as I watched my friend and the kids pick them up warm from the cooling rack and tuck in. 

I didn't eat any. Not a crumb. I didn't have to. I felt calm and happy. Yes, I think I know what I am now...  

Not necessarily an emotional eater but definitely an emotional cook!

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  1. I'm definitely an emotional eater and I'm also an emotional cleaner. If my honey and I get into an argument I start cleaning. I don't even realize I'm doing it. I think he picks fights with me just so I'll clean the house!! LOL!! Thankfully, it's usually messy!! HAHA!!! xo