Saturday, October 11, 2014

11:10:14 Birds eye view

We heard a big bang one afternoon and found a large bird stunned on the path around our house. After a couple of minutes he recovered and flew away. When we looked at the footage of our security camera we were able to see what happened. 

This bird is a Channel Billed Cuckoo. It is the largest cuckoo in the world and weighs up to a kilo and measures over half a meter from beak to tail. It is a bird that is disliked and chased by birds because the male distracts local birds from their nest and encourages them to swoop on him (as this bird was doing) and in the meantime his female partner throws out the current eggs in the nest and quickly lays her own in their place. 

This cuckoo wasn't planning his escape route very well when he swooped and hit our bedroom window!

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