Sunday, October 05, 2014

05:10:14 Origami in minature

Rhiannon has been working on some creative craft ideas today. Do you remember when I saw these origami cranes in John Hunter Hospital a few months ago? When we saw these tiny glass bottles in a craft shop yesterday we were inspired to try to make our own versions of them!

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  1. Goodness that really is tiny! They're beautiful; I've never been able to get the hang of origami so I'm very impressed by your skill!

  2. What a cute idea. I have a son who loves origami, so I'm going to show him this, I think he might like it. And so many variations to think about too. Thank you!

  3. Such a wonderful photo!! I'm not good with doing little things with my hands. In my teens, I had a job in a shop that sold jewelry. I was asked to make beaded earrings and I had such a hard time. I love the little origami cranes. So sweet!! xo

  4. That'S extremely impressive: I haven't even been able to make one of the "normal" cranes - let alone such a tiny one. You know, after 1000 cranes you can make a wish...

  5. Looks like the cranes turned out beautifully! I love the photo too...very artistic.