Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The "old-fashioned" suitcase.

Rhiannon looked a little nervous after she came home from school today. Sitting by the front door was an old, battered, dusty wooden case. She came into the kitchen looking for me and asked if we had a visitor? I told her that we didn't and then she whispered "But who owns the old-fashioned suitcase?" She looked pretty relieved when we opened it up to find a Saxaphone inside!

Byrons new (or should I say, very old) saxaphone finally arrived from the US today. It took over two months to get here and he was starting to get a bit nervous about it having got lost in transit. He is over the moon and spent hours last night polishing it and practising playing it. It is a 1960's King Cleveland and has been well used/loved. It has lots of scuff marks and small dents but is full of character and sounds smooth as silk.

For as much as we tease him about not giving up the day job he really is getting a lot better.

...Almost good enough to put away the earplugs!

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