Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trivia Night

Each year, the local school (St. Josephs) has a fund-raising trivia night. It is usually a themed evening with teams encouraged to participate by dressing up in the theme. This year's theme was 'Back to School', and most, if not all teams made a superb effort at wearing school uniforms in different states of undress....

What a fabulous evening we had. Our team of 8 was called Rydell High Rollers and we were dressed appropriately in Grease attire. So good in fact, that our team won the "best dressed" award for the evening!

Much alcohol and food was consumed, and with so much friendly rivalry between us and the other 23 teams, that both Gina and I have sore heads and throats today. The trivia competition was superbly organised and hosted, and all the teams certainly took it seriously (with unconfirmed reports of rampant cheating completely unfounded).

Overall, our team finished a respectable 5th place - roll on next year!

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  1. A right looking PUNK, don't know what you see in him Gina.