Sunday, June 11, 2006

World cup fever

My ploy failed... I thought travelling to the other side of the world might make Byron forget about the existance of the World Cup. No chance! Last night was the England V Paraguay match. Our friends Charles and Sue are just about the most English people you have ever met and also fanatical about footie. It didn't surprise me that we ended up getting together this weekend in the name of sport. I started to get an inkling about how seriously they were taking their patriotism when they got out of their car dressed in red and white, including baby Hannah. The next clue was the wine they brought...One bottle of red, one bottle of white. I think the penny finally dropped when they got out a cake tin. Yes, you've guessed it, a lovely cake with white icing and the now familiar red cross. Being a very patriotic Welshman Byron was starting to feel a bit nauseated as you can see from the photo....

A good night was had by all. I fell asleep during the first half and dragged myself off to bed (a respectable midnight I might add) unfortunately the TV is only on the other side of my bedroom wall so I got most of the second half in a fuzzy muffled attempt at sleep. There were some sore heads this morning and Byron had the difficult task of cooking a big BBQ breakfast outside in the chilly, damp back garden while trying to ignore his thumping head and queasy stomach. The kids waking up at 6.30am probably didn't help much either! How many more matches to go?......

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  1. Ha ha, just think how much stick you'd be getting right now if we all still worked at Griggs!

    Com'on England!