Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beef and Guinness pie.

We went to Harrigans last weekend in the Hunter Valley and had their famous Beef and Guinness pie. When I got home I spied a can of Guinness at the back of the fridge that was left over from our St Patrick's Day celebrations back in March. I don't know how Byron or my Dad let this can go un-sampled?!! Anyway, it got me thinking about trying to cook my own.

I took out the Irish cookery book that Mum and Dad got me last Christmas and found a recipe in it.

All day I chopped and stirred and made a massive mess in the kitchen while the piles of ironing sat waiting to be done and the floor went unwashed. I had a ball! The recipe only needed half the volume of Guinness in the can and I had a bit of a dilemma as to whether I should drink the small remaining glass or just pour the extra into the pot? It was 2pm on a Tuesday and the kids would be getting off the school bus in an hour... I did the sensible thing and threw it in and let it bubble and simmer sending a rich smell through the house!

By tea time my stomach was growling and I couldn't wait to serve it up. Byron and myself demolished it and resisited the temptation to lick the plate clean (another thing I learnt from my Dad to my Mums horror!) there was still enough in the pot for another two meals but instead of freezing it we had it for tea again on Wednesday and maybe again tonight!

Thanks for the book Mum + Dad (and Carrie for actually finding it in a Sydney book shop!) I look forward to cooking it for you next time you come visit us here in Oz!

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